Want to ensure your companies’ future? Then…welcome to Corpus RIOS


What Corpus RIOS is about, in the author’s own words:

“Corpus RIOS arose out of a conundrum. Why had business become such hard work and why had consistent success become so elusive? As a high level strategy consultant I could see that strategic planning wasn’t working. Business leaders had defaulted to unreliable processes to make decisions. Looking at what others were doing clearly wasn’t the answer. Being driven by short term results wasn’t the answer. Focussing on Corporate Social Responsibility and Values wasn’t the answer. I knew that I had to reinvent strategic planning. Strategy had to come back to centre stage. And that’s what I’ve done. That’s what corpus RIOS is about.

RIOS stands for The Realistic Imagination Of Success. In the RIOS strategic equation there are two equally important halves – ambition (or imagination) and capability (or realism). These are what and how of business strategy. RIOS brings them together in a series of simple, intuitive, steps that enable your organisation to get into the RIOS zone; the zone of effective intent. It is only in the RIOS zone that you can deliver the promise.”


What’s in the book?

So many business books promise a lot, contain a lot of words, and deliver very little. Christopher Tipler, the author of Corpus RIOS, has built his reputation on incisiveness and practicality and you will see this reflected strongly in the book. As you turn each page, you will find yourself thinking ‘thank goodness someone has clarified that issue’, or ‘it is so obvious, why hasn’t anyone written this way before?’. Here’s a summary of what you will find inside Corpus RIOS:

  • The Preface (available in full in Preview The Book), gives you some useful background about Christopher, and the genesis of the RIOS methodology
  • Chapter 1 talks about how companies make big decisions, concluding that Strategic Planning is the only approach to high level decision-making that is consistent with the requirement for durability and consistency
  • Chapter 2 contains a deeply insightful assessment of why current approaches to strategic planning don’t work. This analysis prepares the ground for Rios approach
  • Chapter 3 introduces an interesting case study that is used in subsequent sections to illustrate every step of the RIOS approach
  • Chapter 4 outlines how to create a powerful strategic agenda using the new RIOS approach
  • Chapter 5 tells you how to conduct the RIOS process
  • Chapter 6 applies the RIOS model to the difficult issue of Sustainability, introducing a powerful new way to reconcile money making with stewardship
  • Chapter 7, the final chapter, applies the RIOS model to the subject of managing people and provides a very useful framework that will be of interest to both Human Resource professionals, senior line managers and CEO’s.

In its 205 pages, Corpus RIOS presents 34 full colour figures, or diagrams, to illustrate the points being made (see a list of these in Preview The Book).