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Described by one user as 'enlightenment for business', Corpus RIOS explains in practical planning, common-sense, terms how any business or NGO can succeed through the power of strategy. The RIOS planning process brings strategy to life by giving you the tools to establish, and maintain, effective intent. Read More...

About The Author

Christopher Tipler holds an honors degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Melbourne (1968). His early career was in Stockbroking (three years) and Corporate Finance (three years), where he acquired a good grounding in debt and equity management and financial management.. Read More...

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Corpus RIOS is the one book you need to understand how to make planning a powerful, effective process for your business. Buy the hardback or eBook now!


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Peter HuntChairman - Greenhill Caliburn
"In this amazing book Chris Tipler has pulled apart the business planning process, thrown out all the noise and - with great clarity - come up with a unique and very effective framework to generate successful thinking. Applied properly, this framework offers corporate leaders the ability to realise the full potential of their people and organisations. Corpus RIOS is a ground-breaking, must-read book - written by one of Australia's most experienced management advisors"
Bruce ParncuttLion Capital
Corpus RIOS is totally based on clear common sense, something the business world has been lacking for some time. We are all still hanging on to what we learnt at business school - the SWOT analysis and the very conventional approach to strategic planning is heavily engrained. This revolutionary book does a fantastic job of arguing why the traditional approach doesn''t work particularly well and the Corpus RIOS model gives businesses a game changing alternative" "I won’t be surprised if Corpus RIOS becomes one of the seminal texts on strategic planning for the whole industry. Many aspects of Corpus RIOS will almost certainly be “adopted” over time by the major strategy firms globally” "Corpus RIOS is absolutely revolutionary. Strategic planning has evolved into an 'unthinking' process. What Chris does for the business leader is provide a path of clear thinking that will drive their strategic planning as a process and ultimately outcomes